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Interview: Dean Nimmer of The Baroques

In 1967 Jay Borkenhagen, bassist Rick Bieniewski, guitarist Jacques Hutchinson, and drummer Dean Nimmer formed The Baroques, a band that challenged the sonic conventions and industry norms of the time. After signing to Chess Records, a then exclusively black Rhythm and Blues label responsible for likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, they quickly cut their self-titled and overlooked classic album. The album, which is rumored to have locally outsold the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper in 1967, brought acclaim, groupies and gigs. But despite local success, the band quickly dissolved, it's members scattering across the nation. In my interview with drummer Dean Nimmer, who went on to become an esteemed artist and professor, we discuss how the Baroques came to be, the murky politics of 1960's record labels and the legacy of a Milwaukee band that showed every sign of national acclaim yet, somehow came up short.

(You can see all of Dean's great work HERE)

*the interview is brokenup into 2 parts

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