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The Sleepwalkers Release New Album

The Sleepwalkers out of Oshkosh, WI have finally released their much anticipated sophomore album. Lost My Mind In Stereo was independently put out this past weekend accompanied by a show at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn in Milwaukee. The album represents the band’s first CD since their 2010 debut album The Reckless Kind under their previous name Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers. While the band began working on the album back in 2011, complications from labels delayed production of Lost My In Stereo until now. This CD was well worth the wait.

The Sleepwalkers have been often labeled by critics as pop-rock, but the most apt genre would be old school rock n’ roll.  Listening to the new album, you get the feeling you are hearing a remnant from an alternative group from the 80’s/ 90’s. Influences like the Wallflowers and even Tom Petty permeate the entire album. Their first track “My Best Was Never Good Enough” gives you the sense that this band does not care about what is currently trendy or popular in music today. The Sleepwalkers stay close to their rock n’ roll roots. Each song sticks to the basics- heavy guitar and powerful lyrics. No gimmicks, just pure rock. Lost My Mind In Stereo is a welcome throwback to a different era. It just feels good to be reminded where alternative music came from and that there are still groups like this still out there. The Sleepwalkers’ latest release is a welcome throwback to a golden era of music.

Next up for The Sleepwalkers is a nation-wide tour. This cross country trip includes stops in St. Louis, Nashville, Brooklyn, and Minneapolis. However, the band will also be making stops close to home as well. Shows in Madison, Oshkosh, and Manitowoc are scattered throughout their summer schedule. So if you are looking for some variety in your music this summer, check out this working class rock n’ roll group and pick up the new album.

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