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Alverno College hosts 'Hunger Banquet'

It was a lunch hour to remember at Alverno College.

During last month's Community Day, a small group of students voluntarily underwent a "hunger banquet," an unusual exercise that puts global food inequality into perspective.

The group was split into three tiers, from poor to wealthy.  60 percent of the group was served a meal according to their simulated income -- just half a cup of rice, served in paper cups.  

That's it.

A middle-income group was served only a slightly better meal, rice and beans with a glass of ice water.  Finally, the remaining students, 15 percent of the class, were treated to a decent meal of pasta with a fresh salad, served on real china alongside cranberry juice to drink. 

The exercise was organized by the global anti-poverty organization Oxfam.

How did the hunger banquet change students' perspectives?  Click the podcast player above to find out.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee