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Weekly Download | Greyhounds, "What's On Your Mind"

This week's download comes from musicians Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell aka Greyhounds. Trube and Farrell are also part of J. J. Grey & Mofro. You have 7 days to download their song "What's On Your Mind" from their new album Accumlator.

As Greyhounds, guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell have been making music and touring for 15 years, refining and developing a sound Trube calls “Hall and Oates meet ZZ Top.” The band also has long ties to Memphis, home of the soul that inspires them.
Ardent Music, the independent record label based out of legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, expects to build on the fanbase the band has developed both on the road and as a staple of the Austin music scene. Label director Reed Turchi says, “We committed to three albums not only because we believe in these guys, not only because they’re great musicians and songwriters, but because they’ve been incredibly prolific.” “We’re always writing,” Trube says. “We’ve got songs for eight albums.”

Download Greyhounds - "What's On Your Mind" (Right Click & Save As)

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