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Who says pizza doesn't bring love together? It happened with Blessed Feathers

Who says pizza doesn’t bring love together? It happened with Blessed Feathers

In this case it was at a pizzeria in West Bend that bought singer/songwriter Donivan Berube & Jacquelyn Beaupre together to form, Blessed Feathers.  Brought together with love and music Berube had to face a difficult challenge to keep living the musical and romantic life with Jacquelyn or not. Berube, a Jehovah’s Witness left his faith behind knowing his friends and family would never talk to him again.

Then in late February 2013 the indie duo did what any adventurist musician would do, put everything in storage, travel, and live out of a tent.

With the release of “Order of the Arrow” in 2013 as well the duo kept traveling and inspiring. It’s the bands lyrics and voices that help built and paint a picture to every song. You can’t help but feel connected.

Recently the duo recorded with Honeytone Records and has just released their new single, “Huaycan Song  # 2.”

Take a listen, get the feelings, and check out their tour dates. They will be Shank Hall 6/13 but you can catch them in Madison and Cedarburg beforehand as well. 



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