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Outsider funk from the Frafra; Guy One's haunting grooves

Don't be ashamed that you've no idea what Frafra means, I just learned and am happy to tell you about this lovely jewel of a single from an artist named Guy One. As it turns out, Guy One reps Ghana as the voice of the Frafra people in northern part if this West African state. As the winner of the "Ghana Music Award 2012" he is a super star among his people the Frafra. Master of the Kologo, a 2-stringed guitar that has a bit of banjo-ness to it, and he's apparently a bit of a philosopher lyrically speaking.

For Philophon Records, he teamed up with label-owner Max Weissenfeldt, drummer of the legendary Poets of Rhythm and Whitefield Brothers, and what they've made is built on a great groove with a haunting Frafra choir set in stone with Guy One's soul-filled vocals. Music is it's own language, and I can really get into this. Philophon's plan is to release a 7" (+ mp3 version) of obscure Northern Ghanaian music and you can preview the whole shebang here... 

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