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Empty Bowls feed Milwaukee's hungry

Did you know you could help feed the hungry in Milwaukee just by eating a bowl of soup? You could help raise $40,000-$50,000 at Milwaukee Empty Bowls this October, an annual fundraiser that coincides with World Hunger Day. The concept is simple: donate, grab a bowl, eat soup, enjoy music and help fund food pantries and meal programs around Milwaukee.


"What makes this event so special is you've got so many people donating their talent, time and products," says Ramie Camarena. Today, we're visiting Murry Hill Pottery Works as volunteers begin the long process of hand-crafting 900 of the 3,000 bowls (they call it "Bowl-a-Thon") that will be used at the event in October. "It takes months to dry them, fire and glaze them, decorate and fire them again." Ramie adds, "a good portion of bowls that end up at Empty Bowls will come from today's event".


Everyone that attends the fundraiser in October gets to take their bowl home as a keepsake, a reminder that someone else's bowl in our community is always empty.


Listen to the story above and check out my visit to the 16th Annual Bowl-a-Thon at Murry Hill Pottery Works.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee