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Urban farm building community through gardening

It has been more than two years since we last checked in at Alice's Garden near 21st and Garfield in Milwaukee.  So, what better time than midway through the summer growing season to stop by and see what's new?

Turns out, quite a bit.

But first, a little background information.  

Alice's Garden is a 2.2 acre urban farm on the border of Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood.  It has been serving that community since the late 1970s, providing fresh herbs and produce to local residents and farmer's markets.  It also offers 16 by 16 foot plots of land for nearby residents to rent and grow their own food (for a nominal charge of $25 a year).

But besides gardening, the garden also focuses on building community through various educational programs.  The space features an open outdoor classroom space where local organizations can hold wellness classes, including yoga, cooking demonstrations, martial arts, even financial literacy classes and movie screenings.

And new this year, Alice's Garden is working to purchase an abandoned storefront on the corner of 18th and Fond Du Lac Avenue.  It plans to convert it to a healthy corner store, offering fresh produce and prepared foods to the community, which is often described as one of Milwaukee's "food deserts."

Click the above podcast player to hear our interview with Executive Director Venice Williams, and check out  the garden's official website for more information about its various programs.