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Stream The Album, 'De Oro' From Jason Feathers (Astronautalis, Justin Vernon, S. Carey, Ryan Olson)

Last week,  Jason Feathers, the new collaboration featuring Astronautalis, Justin Vernon, and S.Carey surfaced on the internet with a teaser.  Today, the group is streaming their debut album "De Oro" via Pitchfork. The album will be released digitally on August 19 via the Minneapolis label Totally Gross National Product. (via Stereogum). Check out an excerpt of Jason Feathers' press release:

"Just outside of Flori-bama there is an under-disclosed building frequented by a handful of outlaws and in-laws, a place where questions don’t get answered and dreams don’t usually come true, where passers-thru can find like-minded chartless characters to intermingle with; this place is known as De Oro. One evening Jason Feathers, a.k.a. Creflo, a red-chested god-bassed Southern rapper in a fancy white suit, found himself in an after-bar-impromptu-musical-round-up. There, he tangled with two flashily-clad cronies, one called Toothpick, a drummer-hype-piano-man all in one, and the other a heavily-seasoned guitar-crooning lost-cowboy that went by Ephasis. The house engineer that night, a white-haired man with ghostly features that the locals all called Opacity, captured all that went down. Later there was ________, who put it all together and played “bass” amongst sequenced plugs and wires.

De Oro is the record of this event and those that followed.

Who knows how long ago, but also probably pretty recently, Jason Feathers came to be. Four seedy characters happened to be in the right place at the right time: in the thickest of humidity one July evening, in a bar where Florida meets Alabama.

I guess you could say that Jason Feathers is the name of the “band,” but it’s also the alias that the M.C. Creflo chose for himself after the fact, going about as any washed-up and out-of-touch rapper would: proclaiming himself “Jason,” “Jason Feathers” or simply “Feathers” as a means of reinventing and reigniting his failed career in hip-hop in this post digital-age (I bet if we dug hard enough we could find the old Creflo stuff – someone out there’s gotta still have a copy on ’em that they picked up at one of his many shows at the Yacht Club way back). So it was Creflo who “formed” the group, given his past and subtle dapples in the music biz. But it never would have seen the light of day if not for the other three and their shared and coincidental love of rhinestones..."

You can read the entire press release over at Stereogum and stream the entire Jason Feathers album over at Pitchfork now.  



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