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Cops and Bobbers

The Cops and Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps police departments connect with the communities they serve in a very unique way. Through fun activities like fishing, bowling and archery, the foundation hopes to show a different side of law enforcement to the kids in their community.


Bob Kraemer, president of Cops and Kids Foundation and 20-year police veteran, started this program to break down the barriers that exsist between the police and the neighborhoods they serve. "Citizens and the police have the same goals," Kraemer says. "We both want safe neighborhoods and a better place to live."


Through fun programs like "Cops and Bobbers (fishing) or "Gutter Busters" (bowling), officers expose kids to new hobbies, all while sharing strong values like teamwork, perseverance, discipline, patience and respect. Jennifer, a former kid in the program says it really works. "I grew up in the program, I was sitting where they are sitting," she says. Even though Jennifer is now in college, she still finds time to serve on the Cops and Kids Foundation Board, and is out today fishing with the kids. "It's a positive program. I've made friendships, so anything I can do to help, I'm there."


The only thing holding the Cops and Kids Foundation back from making more connections in Milwaukee is the funding. Want to help? Find more information on the program here

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee