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Download The First Single, 'Don't Go Quietly' from Milwaukee's Light Music

During 414 Music Live a few weeks ago, we featured a session with the new Milwaukee band Light Music. Light Music is an electronic rock band consisting of members Brendan Benham, Shae Lappen, Dan Mena, and Ed Zuehlke. The members were formerly in a band called The Four Hundred that broke up a few years ago. Benham is also in the band Altos and Collections of Colonies of Bees. 

I have been really excited for Light Music's debut album since I first heard the demos a few months back, and now the wait is almost over. Light Music will be releasing their debut album Ocean's daughter later this year.  

Exploring a grand scope of influences from classical nocturnes to psychedelic-pop to euro-house, light music crafts rock opuses underscored with poly-rhythmic beats, fierce guitars and spacious synthesizers; each song effervescing to a unique destination.

Written over the course of two years, their debut album Ocean's Daughter was recorded and mixed in 2014 by acclaimed engineer Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould).

Ocean's Daughter is a tonal and emotional exploration into the depths of love, worship, forgiveness and evolution. Loosely conceptual, the album follows the oceanic heroine Aphrodite as she travels through a saga of love in modernity, exploring from different angles the strength, power, beauty and independence she embodies unequivocally through her love.

They have just released the first single, "Don't Go Quietly" today as free download via Soundcloud. You can also catch Light Music performing live at Yellow Music Conference on September 6 at 88Nine studios in Walker's Point.


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