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Group spreads awareness for Monarch habitat preservation

As development in Southeastern Wisconsin continues, natural habitats for some of our smallest creatures are being destroyed. One species being affected is the Monarch Butterfly. The migration path of the Monarch runs south through Wisconsin along the Great Lakes, and a huge roosting site in Wauwatosa is being preserved thanks to the work of the non-profit Friends of the Monarch Trail.


In 2008, Friends of the Monarch Trail formed with one goal in mind: save the natural roosting sites of the Monarch through education and outreach. They work alongside the UWM Monarch Conservancy to bring attention to the natural roosting sites of the Monarch Trail, located off county grounds off of Discovery Parkway in Wauwatosa.


"The whole issue with monarchs is habitat destruction," says Barb Agnew, founder of the Friends of the Monarch Trail. As we develop land we must do it in a way that still allows all nature to thrive. We don't have to just bulldoze it under."


In August, they held the 7th Annual Monarch Migration Celebration, which culminated in the release of dozens of Monarch Butterflies back into the wild. Volunteer Kathy Price and her husband Jim had been nurturing the butterflies for the last several months. "We are interested in nature and biology," says Kathy. "We have 15 varieties of milk weed in our yard. They come and lay their eggs and we bring them inside to raise them to adulthood." Kathy and Jim then bring the butterflies to the migration celebration each year, give a tagging demonstration before they release them back into the wild. Kathy says, they hope their work to help track the migration patterns of these butterflies to Mexico can help with the issue of habitat destruction and conservation.


Learn more about the Friends of the Monarch Trail online here

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee