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Milwaukee music and film collective create 5 music videos for 5 Wisconsin bands


Music video has been used as tool to promote a song for a few decades now. However, a really good video can bring a whole new dimension to a song.  That is what Milwaukee-based music and film collective aimed to do with the 551 project. The 551 project collaborated with over 100 artists to create 5 music videos for 5 Wisconsin bands in a period of 2 days. The bands included Justin Vernon & Collections of Colonies of Bees collaboration Volcano Choir, Victor DeLorenzo, Grace Weber (now based in Brooklyn), and Jon Chi. Even the Milwaukee Ballet took part in the project for the Volcano Choir video for their song "Tiderays."


From the press release:

The belief that camaraderie leads to creativity is a key principle of 551. The project was the focused minds of dozens of filmmakers– cinematographers, gaffers, grips, actors, directors, and musicians– working to create for the sake of creating and growing as artists together. The fact that every member of the project donated their time and talent to these five bands fostered a smooth experience and a notably positive and friendly atmosphere - despite the controlled chaos of filming five different music videos with a massive crew among two sound stages at RDI Stages.

Each of the music videos are accompanied by a behind the scenes video. Watch all the video below or via the 551 project website.

Volcano Choir, "Tiderays"(featuring the Milwaukee Ballet)



Vic & Gab, "Love of Mine"



Jon Chi, "Come Gather Round"



Grace Weber, "Perfect Stranger"



Victor DeLorenzo, "Carry Me"






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