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Five local bands release new music videos

You've heard many of these bands on 88nine -- Vic and Gab, Volcano Choir, Grace Weber, Jon Chi and Victor Delorenzo.

And they all have something in common.  Each band stars in a new music video, created for free by a local video production company.

The "551 Project," led by  Flip Eleven, brought together dozens of volunteer videographers, directors, editors, actors and musicians to create the videos over the course of a year.  551 released them all online last week.

The videos were shot at  RDImage, a professional sound stage in Saint Francis.  The use of the space was donated to the project, too.

You can see all of them here.

"551 Project" stands for five bands, five visions, one project.

Watch Vic and Gab's video here, directed by Betty Allen:




WEB EXTRA: Vic and Gab had a lot more to say about the project.  Click this Soundcloud player to hear our entire interview.   Allen speaks first, followed by the band.



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