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Oct 6 Weekly Download | Nikki Yanofsky, "Necessary Evil"

This week's download comes Canadian singer/songwriter Nikki Yanofsky and her new album Little Secret. The album's executive producer is the legendary Quincy Jones, who also serves as Nikki's co-manager. 

For her second studio album, Little Secret, Nikki Yanofsky has drawn on the impeccable taste and crossover wisdom of her co-manager Quincy Jones, who has been bridging gaps between jazz and pop since the ‘60s. Little Secret combines pop-song structures with sophisticated harmonies, club-ready beats with punchy big-band horns, and earworm hooks with scat singing solos. It’s all held together by her powerful delivery, as well as a newfound sass. Jazz aficionados and pop lovers alike will find themselves irresistibly lured in.

Nikki has also worked with artists like Stevie Wonder, and Herbie Hancock. You have 7 days to grab her new jazzy-pop single "Necessary Evil" from her latest album Little Secret.

Download Nikki Yanofsky, "Necessary Evil" (right click and save as)

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