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Oct 13 Weekly Download | Sheila Brody, "Everything" featuring Chuck D.

This week's download comes from George Clinton's "Original Bride of Funkenstein," Sheila Brody and her new EP Mississippi. 

Recently, she’s been working with Bomb Squad and Public Enemy production royalty Gary G-Wiz, churning out gooey and uplifting grooves that borrow from the finest, but shines all its own. This collection struts everything from the unbridled bluesy funk of Starchild himself on the title-track to the more creeping, soul-drenched ballads like the EP’s closer “Everything.” 

Sheila Brody's EP  is out on Chuck D's label SPITdigital.  You have a week to grab her track "Everything" featuring Public Enemy's Chuck D. 

Download Sheila Brody's "Everything" featuring Chuck D. (right click and save as)

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