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Websites clearing up election day confusion

Updated Oct. 27, 11:20 a.m.

Election day is Nov. 4, and there are various important local, state and federal contests to watch, including the high-profile race for governor.

And with the recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision to delay implementation of Wisconsin's Voter I.D. law, you may be confused about what to bring to the polls.  Even as you read this, it may surprise you to learn you will not need to present photo I.D. after all.

You're not alone.

That's why the City of Milwaukee Election Commission has implemented a special website to answer voter questions. 

By following this link, you can read the most recent election news, locate your polling place, check your registration status and view a customized sample ballot.

The website also breaks down what materials you need to present for same-day registration at your polling place.

If you're looking for more in-depth information about candidates, or you live outside the Milwaukee city limits, there is another online resource. 

Head over to  Wisconsin Vote, a nonpartisan voting resource developed by Wisconsin Public Radio.  It shows recent poll numbers and links to audio and video from the candidates.

88nine’s election coverage continues on-air this week.  Keep listening for updates from Milwaukee Election Commission Executive Director Neil V. Albrecht.


City of Milwaukee Election Commission website:

Wisconsin Vote:


Click the players below to hear Albrecht's responses to various important issues:

Voter ID:


Early voting:


Referenda on ballot:


City website offering info to voters:




What to check before you go to the polls:











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