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Milwaukee LGBT Community Center reflects on 17 year history

17 years ago, Milwaukee didn't have an LGBT Community Center.

Aside from gay bars, there wasn't a public place for gay and lesbian people to meet and interact -- to be their full selves -- without the fear of being judged.

But things started to change in 1997 when Karen Gotzler and Denise Cawley, along with a few other visionary Milwaukeeans, launched the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.  It was founded on the principle making Milwaukee a more inclusive and safer place for the LGBT community.

Now, nearly 20 years later, the Center is stronger than ever, hosting high profile annual events and serving people of all ages in the LGBT community and beyond.  

And as Wisconsin moves toward marriage equality, those founding members are looking back at Milwaukee as they knew it in 1997 and its view toward the LGBT Community -- what has changed and what areas still needs work.

Click the podcast player above to hear from Gotzler and Cawley.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee