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Contest inspires home owners to start renovations



The Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood Association works hard to help their residents re-invest in their neighborhood. For the past 4 years, they've held a neighborhood home improvement contest, offering grants to residents that make the biggest change to the exterior of their homes. Roofing, landscaping and porch repair are just some of the eligible improvements considered when awarding these $1,000 grants. "It's always helpful to really support people that are still in their homes and manage to hang on there through recent tough times," says Kate Wolf, coordinator of home improvement resources in the LBWN and Clarke Square neighborhood. "It's a great incentive to get people started. It's doesn't cover the whole cost of a project, but it can really start making things move."


Since the contest started 4 years ago, over 124 people have participated, which translates into an overall neighborhood investment of more than $500,000.  Houses get a facelift, one project at a time. With each home improvement, neighbors inspire each other to keep up with each other.


Check out the story above to hear from the Gonzalez family, this year's Home Improvement Contest winners. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee