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Residents team up with clinic to build stronger neighborhood

What does a healthy community look like? That was the question asked 4 years ago to a group of 100 residents of the Amani/Franklin Heights neighborhood. Soon after, Children's Hospital opened up three new clinics in these Milwaukee neighborhoods.

In an effort to stay in touch with the folks they are serving, Children's created new jobs for those residents willing to act as a go-between, a voice for the community.   Community Health Navigators work closely with their neighbors and the clinics, allowing for maximum impact for families in the area.  

"The clinic that was opened here is not just specifically for children," says Gabe Doyle, Supervisor for the Community Health Navigation team at Children's Hospital COA Golden Center.  "That's really a response to the residents of the community who said they needed whole family care."

By passing along resident information, the clinics not only provide access to quality health care, but also address neighborhood environmental factors as well. Basic needs such as food, clothing or safe housing can be met through partnerships brought in by Children's.

Steve Thompson, one of the first to become a Community Health Navigator, has lived in the community for 46 years. Listen to the audio above to hear more from him, and why it was important to get involved with this program. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee