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Weekly Download | Marian Hill, "Got It"

This week's download from from a Philadelphia electro-pop duo Marian Hill.  You have week to download their song "Got It." The song was Rhythm Lab 'Song of The Week' back in November.

Comprised of Jeremy Lloyd (production/songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals/songwriting), the pair’s roots can be traced back as far as a middle school talent show that saw Lloyd - the son of a conductor and an opera singer - hear Gongol sing for the first time. Many a moon down the line, following a stint studying music composition at college for Lloyd while Gongol was cutting her teeth in New York as a songwriter, the pair reunited in the former’s bedroom studio. Working under a modus operandi to fuse the simplicity of timeless songwriting with the dexterous craft of modern pop production, "Got It" finds itself in the middle of a head-on collision between sultry soul and whirring synth brass.

Download Marian Hill's "Got It" (Right Click and Save As)

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