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Weekly Download | Aquilo, "Human"

This week's download comes from a UK duo by the name of Aquilo. Aquilo recently released an EP entitled Human.  You have a week to download the title track, which was produced by SOHN.

<i>"The band’s sparse and effecting arrangements are given a subtle intensity courtesy of the Austria via London producer. Aquilo introduced themselves earlier in the year with their ethereal debut EP, the subtle tones perfectly in time with their surroundings from where it was recorded, the isolated and expansiveness of a village in the Lake District called Silverdale. The duo articulates a distinct confidence in their approach to song writing, allowing their productions space to breathe, forming a hypnotic and lasting impression."</i><br><br>

Download Aquilo's "Human" (right click and save as) (link expires after 7 days)

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee