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TAP'd IN : 6 Wisconsin Bands To Watch

We debuted a new segment today on Radio Milwaukee called TAP'd IN.  On this segment Jordan Lee and Piet Levy (of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) discuss shows to see in Milwaukee, new local music you'll love and more.  

This week we talked about the Journal's 6 Wisconsin Bands to Watch for 2015. This list includes :

? Vinyl Theatre, the latest addition to Atlantic Records' Fueled by Ramen, home to Paramore and fun.

? D Lux, an emerging R&B artist who's opened for Chris Brown and been endorsed by DJ Khaled.

? Masked Intruder, a raucous "gimmick band" with some seriously good pop-punk tunes.

? The Living Statues, a live wire garage-rock group with sharp suits and sharper hooks.

? Pretty Boy Hefner, an 18-year-old rapper who found a life-changing fan in D.M.C.

? GGOOLLDD, a feel-good synthpop group responsible for some of the best dance parties in town.


You can listen to the whole segment below...