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A few winter tips to help out folks with mobility issues



Winter in Wisconsin can be brutal. Sometimes we get snowstorm after snowstorm. Or worse, sub-zero temps cause a little bit of snow to freeze into immovable ice chuncks.


So.. imagine being in a wheelchair and how hard it must be just to get to work or the grocery store? There are a few key things we can do every winter that make a big difference in people's lives.


Since his motocross accident in 1999 when he broke his back, Joel Hoedel has been in a wheelchair. "A lot of people in wheelchairs try to avoid going out during winter," says Joel. "I don't have abdominal muscles so if I hit a piece of ice, the wheelchair will throw me forward."


Click the player above to hear my chat with Joel Hoedel to get a few tips on what you can do this winter to improve the lives of people with mobility issues this winter.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee