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Kiings debut album 'WWYDF' to feature collaborations from Chris Porterfield, Milo, Rae Cassidy and more!

About three years ago, I was sent a link to a music video for a song named "Explain Myself" from a production duo by the name of Kiings. Featuring a sample of a cover of Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor by Quadron, the song and video caught my attention.

After featuring the tune on my show Rhythm Lab Radio, I met with the production duo at Foundation Bar in Riverwest to discuss their plans for the future.  During the discussion, I asked Kiings if they would want to remix a Field Report song.  They not only remixed Field Report's "Route 18," they drove to Madison to recruit Monica Martin of Phox (unsigned at the time) to add vocals to the remix.  Kiings took it even further by remixing other Milwaukee artists such as Altos, Gina Barrington, Phox, and Boy Blue. They released the remixes as an EP "Warehouses Possessed By The City," which is a lyric from the Field Report remix. 

Since the EP release, Kiings have been working on their debut album WWYDF, which now has a release date of March 1.  WWYDF features a plethora of collaborations, including appearances from Rae Cassidy, Colin Plant, Field Report's Chris Porterfield, Milo, Webster X, Siren, Christine Hoberg (Flight Facilites), Pizzle, Bliss & Alice and more.  

I got a sneak peak of the album and I have to say it is definitely one of my favorite local releases of the year so far. Kiings will celebrate the release of WWYDF on March 5 at Hotel Foster. Kiings will be joined on stage by Porterfield, WebsterX, Bliss & Alice, King Courteen, Siren & Colin Plant. 

While you wait for the debut album from Kiings, listen to little taste of their work.


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