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Weekly Download | Howling, "Signs"

This week's download comes from the Australian/German duo known as Howling. Howling comprises of Australian singer/producer Ry X from The Acid and Berlin producer Frank Wiedemann.  The download is the song "Signs" from their forthcoming debut album Sacred Ground.

After exploding onto the scene with an accidental hit, ‘Howling,’ the unexpected duo of Australian singer/producer/cult folk artist Ry X (of The Acid) and Berlin’s 4/4 innovator Frank Wiedemann (of Âme and Innervisions) are now on the heels of an equally surprising debut album, ‘Sacred Ground.’ Set for release in 4th May 2015 as a collaboration between Modesleketor's Monkeytown and Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records, Howling’s lush LP unfolds as subtly and instinctively as their artistic process. Often recorded on-the-fly between rehearsals and while on the road for their European tour, their acoustic/electronic compositions incorporate delicate instrumentation, warm strings and organs, driving analogue sounds, gentle field recordings, and of course Ry X’s unmistakable voice.

Download Howling's "Signs" (right click and save as)

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