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These listeners help us pick our music

So, how do we pick the music we play on Radio Milwaukee? We get lots of input -- and now we're hearing directly from a group of listeners. 

The group is made up of 25 Radio Milwaukee members. And, each gets to bring a friend. So, 50 total. 

Once a month, they come to our studios. We play new songs and they rate each from 1 to 10. We’ll play the songs that achieve a high enough score. 

We call this “Sound Judgment.”

We held our second Sound Judgment listening session this past Tuesday (March 10). Interestingly, none of the 10 songs we played received a high enough score. So, this session was more about what not to play. (Tough group -- but in a good way!)

Just who are these Sound Judgment people? We profile five each month. After five months, they will rotate out, and we’ll start with a new panel. If you want to be considered for a future panel, please  become a member (if you’re not already).


Hannah Johnson-Breimeier, Bay View

Favorite new song? -- “'Don’t Wanna Fight,' by Alabama Shakes"

How do you spend your free time? -- "Gardening at Alice’s Garden."

Favorite TV show of all time? -- "'Sherlock,' the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch. I love it. It’s clever and smart."

Favorite local restaurant? -- "Can I say more than one? Jo’s Café for breakfast. Honey Pie for dinner. And The National."



Matt Siderits, Pewaukee

Favorite music right now? -- "TV on the Radio, Alt-J and the Decemberists."

Favorite sports team? -- "The Badgers – football and basketball."

Music you don’t like? -- "Manufactured pop. Formulaic stuff.  I’m not much for traditional country, either."

First concert? -- "The Doobie Brothers – one of their first ‘farewell tours’ – at State Fair. I was 14 or 15."



Kristiana Perleberg, West Allis

Favorite music right now? -- "I’m really liking the new Modest Mouse. I was waiting for it for a long time and I’m really pumped. Also, the new St. Vincent. Actually, all St. Vincent."

First concert? -- "The Grass Roots at State Fair Park. I was about 10. My mom picked it."

Favorite restaurant? -- "Odd Duck or Vanguard."

Favorite movie of all time? -- "' Down By Law,' starring Tom Waits."



Matt Krummel, Walker’s Point

Favorite music right now? -- "A band called The Districts from Pennsylvania."

Where do you find new music? -- "All over the place – on the radio, Pitchfork, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify. I have musical ADD, but in a good way. I go to about 100 shows a year, plus festivals like Bonnaroo."

What music don’t you like? -- "New country, not because I don’t like country, but it’s bad pop music with a slide guitar. The old country, I love."

Favorite movie of all time? -- “'Almost Famous.' It makes me wish I were a rock journalist in 1972."



Mahmoud Elewa, Milwaukee

Favorite music right now? -- "I really like Moonrise Nation. They’re my current favorite. They’re awesome."

How did you discover Radio Milwaukee? -- "I was just randomly hitting the scan button on my radio. Everything sucked. But when I came to 88Nine, I loved everything I heard. I haven’t changed the station since."

First concert? -- "Thirty Seconds to Mars, at the Rave. I was 17 or 18."

Favorite current TV show? -- "'Game of Thrones' or 'Archer'”

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee