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Kafund Vol. 2's futuristic afro-Brazilian vision

One of my favorite Brazilian music compilations of 2014 was a release called Kafundó Vol. 1 put together by Maga Bo and Wolfram Lange that brought a broad cross-section of exciting new Brazilian music. Well  Kafundó Records is back with the second volume of their compilation series Kafundo Vol. 2

Just like the first volume, this 2nd edition highlights the latest in contemporary Brazilian electronic music, through the lens of the Brazilian underground. Kafundo Vol. 2 comes from an underground whose reality includes  internet-networked Quilombos surviving off of self-contained food systems and growing Baobab trees from seeds transplanted from across the ocean and the songs are metaphors forthis brave new world of Brazilian culture. Using technology and music each of the artists in the series present a new vision and possibility for Brazilian society as a whole. The Kafundó series represents a new vanguard of Brazilian music and it's dope!



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