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Sculptor to painter, Pfister Artist-in-Residence program changes hands


The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee is a historic landmark. But, did you know it also houses an expansive collection of Victorian era art, the largest of any hotel in the world?


In 2009, the Pfister created the " Artist-in-Residence" program, giving one Wisconsin area artist a chance to become a part of the rich artistic history within the Pfister for one year.  Each April 1st, a new artist moves into the studio/gallery on the 1st floor of the Pfister, working hand-in-hand with the hotel staff to provide a unique experience for guests and visitors of the hotel.  During their residency at the Pfister, artists create pieces for a new collection, influenced by the hotel and it's guests. At the end of the artists stay, they donate one piece to the hotel's permanent collection.


Sculptor Niki Johnson is the 6th and current Artist-in-Residence, about to hand over the honor to painter Todd Mrozinski at the end of the month.  Listen to the story above to hear what Niki's been working on for the last 50+ weeks, and hear how shadows of the Pfister will help him create new work. Niki invites us all to her farwell party at the Pfister on March 27, where she will reveal the piece she's been working on all year that will stay in the permanent collection at the hotel.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee