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Weekly Download | King Mono, "Far Out"

This week's download, "Far Out," comes from the duo known as King Mono.

Jeremy Wilms and Little Shalimar, the two multi-instrumentalists/producers of King Mono met doing time in the rhythm section of the legendary Afrobeat unit Antibalas. In the early 2000’s they founded the sophisticated disco soul machine, Chin Chin who put out two records on the respected Definitive Jux imprint. Splitting their time between touring and their studio in Brooklyn their sound developed through the necessity of using instruments that were easy to travel with. The album embraces quirky electronic impulses, and modern programming, crafted from their collection of vintage analogue synths and portable drum machines.

As the project evolved and more tracks came to fruition, the duo knew they wanted to get a number of different vocalists. But as fate would have it they were introduced to a budding vocalist named Jesse Boykins III through his backing vocal work with Chin Chin. The chemistry of all three in the studio was so prominent that Boykins became the sole featured singer (and co-writer on a number of songs). King Mono cites classic influences like Bomb Squad, Mr. Fingers, Jungle Brothers and circa-1960’s Go-Go as well as modern production styles from Timbaland and LCD Soundsystem that can be felt on their full-length set.

Download King Mono's "Far Out" from their album Bump In The Night (right click and save as)

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