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Bike! Bingo... ?!

I love being a biker. Seriously. I was on my way outside RadioMilwaukee's studios and ran into a guy with a bike, I had a bike too so a flyer I get. Said flyer had yet another addition to the bike culture in Milwaukee-- Bike! Bingo. 

So, I guess bike bingo is bound to be a "thing," it is a good idea so props to Bike Benefits Milwaukee for setting it up. All you need is the flyer to get started. So what is Bike! Bingo and how do you do it? Bike! Bingo is...

A celebration of Milwaukee by bike.

Running from April 18th until June 13th, participants pedal to new and familiar areas of the city and get their Bike! Bingo cards stamped at area businesses and events.

Prizes are won by getting bingo or completing your card. 1 card per participant. Cards can be picked up at participating businesses, bike shops and at local events for free (or a nominal fee).

All trips must be done by non-motorized bicycles, tricycles, unicycles etc. Inform staff or managers at participating stops in order to get your card stamped. Bike! Milwaukee.


Sounds like fun right? The card is set up like a bingo sheet and by biking to businesses like Colectivo Bay View, Stubby's, Palomino, the Vulture Space (to name just a few) and getting your card stamped is all you have to do to get yourself some fun prizes. Prizes!? Yep, you can get free bike tubes, pizza, beer, t-shirts and more. Visit their Facebook event page for more details.

The kick off party is April 18th from 2-5pm at Purple Door Ice Cream (yum!) or later that day from 6-8pm at Bremen Cafe for free beers and Riverwest Pizza (double yum!). Let Bike! Bingo season begin...

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee