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Dopefolks Records Celebrates 4/14 with all MKE Hip Hop Mixtape

Oh snap!

The boys over at Dopefolks records are celebrating Milwaukee Day with B-Boy style.  Chris "C-Section" Shulist has made a mixtape of Milwaukee Hip Hop from vinyl 12"s and 45's!!!  

The mix features songs from The Rusty Ps, King Hell Bastard, Kali Tribe, Def Harmonic and fellow Dopefolks Records artist Kid Millions, to name a few.  Download this mix today, and raise a beer to MKE HIP HOP!




Rock La Flow: RWD/Wreckamic
Stranj Child: Split Personality
Kali Tribe: Kalism Remix
Slim: Can U Get It?
Bruthaman: All My Peepz
Rusty Pelicans: Like I Do
Minus After: Yellow Corvettes
Def Harmonic: Spaced Out
Kid Millions (ft Rusty P's): Tuff Wit My Stuff
Rusty P's: Is it Live (Rob Smith Remix)
Hundred Strong ft J Todd: Hardcore Poetry
Automatic ft Logic: The Back Up
Dana Coppafeel: Invincible
King Hell Bastard: Ma'Waukee
Innerstance Beatbox ft. Kerse One: Tekniques
Rhetoric (Top Floor Fam): Love Or the Loot
Innerstance Beatbox ft. Lunaversol 9: Angel Bomb
KHB & Stricklin of EMC: North Coast
Mind Pimp (Top Floor Fam): She Never Loved Me
J-Slim outro...

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