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Weekly Download | Grace, "You Don't Own Me"

This week's download comes from the artist Grace.  It is a unique cover of the 1963 Lesley Gore hit "You Don't Own Me" produced by Quincy Jones. Grace's version is also produced by the legendary Quincy Jones and features G-Easy. 

Considered one of the first female empowerment anthems of the 60’s, GRACE delivers the song’s original message with a vigor that still rings true today. G-Eazy punctuates the song with timely lyrics that praises female independence. Recorded before Gore’s passing, legendary award winning producer Quincy Jones - the producer of the 1963 version and several other Gore hits - gave his stamp of approval by co-producing this version alongside GRACE’s producer partner Parker, who gives the production a hard-hitting 2015 electro hip-hop edge. GRACE, a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter, is one of the hottest pop-soul prospects this year. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia with UK roots, GRACE grew up where the sounds of Smokey Robinson to Janis Joplin, and Shirley Bassey to Amy Winehouse, filled her home and fueled her soul.

You have a week to download "You Don't Own Me" by Grace.

Download Grace's "You Don't Own Me" featuring G-Easy (right click and save as)

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