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Weekly Download | Zero 7, 'Crush Tape'

This week's download comes from the British electronic duo Zero 7 and its new EP, called "EP3." You have seven days to grab their song "Crush Tape."

British trip-hop duo Zero 7 is back with an EP that recalls their early, pre-major label days. Featuring appearances from artists like Jose Gonzalez, Only Girl, and Danny Pratt (all of whom the group has worked with before), EP3 is most musically connected to 1999's EP1 and 2000's EP2. 

Zero 7 will be releasing more new music later this year, with their first full-length in five years scheduled to drop this fall as well as a vague (but exciting!) promise of "more to come in the summer."

Via Billboard Magazine

Download Zero 7's "Crush Tape" from EP3 (right click and save as)

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