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Avoid costly tickets by using new parking app


The City of Milwaukee just introduced a new, simple and easy way to pay for parking that eliminates the need to carry coins, cash or even credit cards. MKE Park is a free app you can download from the Apple store or Google Play store and works from your smart phone or tablet (website available for computers too).


Once you register your car and credit card, paying for parking can be done from inside your car, your desk at work or on the go. "If lunch has gone a little over or if errands are taking longer, it will give them a lot of flexibility," says Mayor Barrett, during the official launch press conference of MKE Park.


MKE Park does not cost city taxpayers anything. Customers pay a convenience fee of 20 to 38 cents per transaction, depending what kind of account you set up. MKE Park can be used on both coin and electronic parking meters. Each coin operated meter downtown has been equipped with a blue sticker, giving MKE Park customers a parking space number to use when entering their car for the day. Electronic meters have had numbers associated with each space since their inception.


In the first week of MKE Park activation, the city has seen 450 unique users from 22 different states, paying for parking about 750 times. Learn more about MKE Park by clicking the player above. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee