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Urban Spelunking with photo tour of Third Ward

When is the last time you've passed through the Third Ward?  I drive through it every day on my way to work -- and I admit -- I probably take its beauty for granted.

From an architecture standpoint, it is stunning.  The buildings are majestic, and the stories behind them are even more fascinating. After fire devastated the neighborhood in 1892, Milwaukee's most prominent architects each had a hand in rebuilding it, and today, their work is as impressive as it was a century ago.

That's the focus of this week's Urban Spelunking with Bobby Tanzilo.  He takes us on a photography-focused tour of the Third Ward, encouraging you take a deeper look at a familiar neighborhood and points out 7 unique buildings.

  Click the podcast player to hear our conversation and follow this link to see all of his photography for yourself.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee