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New single from Milwaukee's Jaill - "Got an F"

Milwaukee's beloved pop rockers Jaill, have been exporting their surfy tunes for about six years now to national critical acclaim.

Jaill has returned to its first label, Burger Records, to release a new LP “Brain Cream,” after two releases on indie heavyweight Sub Pop Records. “Brain Cream” is scheduled for a June 30 release, but its first single – “Got an F” – debuted yesterday.

The single gleams with harmonies, hand claps and spacey synth washes. While the personnel has changed, the current lineup seems to have found a just-polished-enough sound, without losing its laid back charm.

While Vincent Kircher on vocals is the only original member, the addition of active Milwaukee musicians Johnathan Mayer (Surgeons in Heat), Josh Evert (The Fatty Acids) and Mike Skorcz (ex-John the Savage/Cyborg Fortress) seem like a natural fit to define Milwaukee’s (specifically, Riverwest’s) sound to the rest of the world. 

Listen to "Got an F" here:


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