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Watch Heartless Bastards' video 'Gates of Dawn' and download the song!

This week's download comes from Heartless Bastards. Heartless Bastards will be releasing a new album called Restless Ones on June 16 on Partisan Records.  The band will be performing at Turner Hall Ballroom on September 27. You have 7 days to grab their new song "Gates of Dawn."  

With the help of producer John Congleton, Restless Ones mixes the polished proficiency of a hardened road band with the inventiveness of musicians who remain in hot pursuit of new ideas. In this first taste of the record, “Gates Of Dawn,” Heartless Bastards’ big, bluesy sound feels slick and streamlined, with choruses that get grander and grander as the song chugs along. –NPR

Download Heartless Bastards' "Gates of Dawn" (right click & save as)

The band just released a music video for "Gates of Dawn." Check it out below.

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