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Weekly Download | Kate Tempest, "Lonely Daze"

This week's download comes from the very talented UK poet and MC Kate Tempest. She was nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize.  You have a week to download her fantastic song "Lonely Daze." Check out her interview with NPR.

 Kate Tempest is best known as a poet, perhaps a performance poet or a spoken word artist. She has a novel coming out next year with Bloomsbury. But ask Kate what she is and she’s more likely to say she’s a rapper who writes. That’s her first love. Listen to her voice, her cadences, the accent, and you’ll hear more of Skinnyman than Seamus Heaney, a veteran of Deal Real’s legendary Friday night rap battles but also someone at home doing a book reading at Foyles. Kate Tempest understands the story rhyme, loves it. Which is why “Everybody Down” is something like a “novel rhyme” – twelve ‘chapters’ telling one long, complex story, a unique, one-off project, almost unique in the history of the form.

Download Saint Motel, "Lonely Daze" (right click and save as)



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