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5,000 animals nurtured at area rehabilitation center


Who cares for the injured, sick or orphaned wild animals in Southeastern Wisconsin? Thanks to the folks at the Wisconsin Humane Societies' Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 5,000+ animals get a second chance to return to their lives in the wild.


"We've got a lot of little baby animals that are orphaned," says Scott Diehl, Wildlife Director at WHS's Wildlife Rehab Center. "We will raise these little ones till they're full size and eventually release them." Diehl says the center is also a great resource for people looking for wildlife information. "We have a wealth of information on our website about common situations. What do you do if you find a baby cottontail, a juvenile injured bird." In fact, the Rehab Center logs in over 12,000 calls each year from folks looking for information to help the little creatures they find.


The WHS Rehab Center is here to advocate for the animals and show us how we can live side by side, even with the peskiest of raccoons. "We get to root causes, to get people to understand why animals are doing what they are doing," says Diehl. "We find biologically sound and ethical ways to help create long term solutions".


The Rehab Center couldn't help all these animals year after year without their team of amazing volunteers. Learn more about volunteering here.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee