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Science and music mingle at new Discovery World exhibit

Discovery World last week unveiled a new exhibit that combines music and engineering into an interactive experience for visitors.

The Rockwell Automation Music Factory allows people to manipulate an array of switches and levers to create a musical melody.  The tune is represented by falling multicolored golf balls, playing the notes aloud as they pass a light sensor.  Then, the balls roll down a track, get sorted by color and are returned to a giant hopper, ready to repeat the cycle.

The Music Factory is the first in a series of upgrades to Discovery World's longstanding " Dream Machine" exhibit, also sponsored by Rockwell Automation, planned for the next three years.

“As a proud supporter of STEM education programs, we are pleased to partner with Discovery World to deepen the educational experience,” said Keith Nosbusch, Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO. “Our partnership continues to provide additional opportunities for applied learning that can inspire the creative potential that resides in all of us.”

“The Music Factory is an outstanding new addition that brings automation to kids and families in a way that will entertain and inspire future careers,” said Discovery World President and CEO Joel Brennan.

To plan your visit, visit Discovery World's official website.  And click the podcast player above to hear more from the ribbon cutting ceremony.

WEB EXTRA: Check out the video slideshow below that accompanies the story.


Video editing by Julian Cedron.


Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee