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Mac DeMarco breaks the silence

Last fall I saw Mac DeMarco perform in Chicago for The Hideout’s Block Party/Onion & A.V. Fest and was mesmerized by his show. Besides being an extremely talented musician, DeMarco is nothing short of an interesting character. Between each song, he would take sips out of random fans’ flasks thrown on stage and almost immediately identify what tasty treasure was inside.

After watching interviews and eventually meeting him, nothing about DeMarco’s show surprised me. He is the farthest thing from serious and has had his fair share of public nudity and drunkenness, nothing short of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll. His unique and hilarious personality, to say the least, captivated the crowd. He played almost exclusively songs off of “ Salad Days,” his second full-length album via Captured Records, which was released over a year ago. 

DeMarco has been relatively silent since that release because of extensive touring -- until recently. He has started to release some of his new material -- three songs, a music video (where he impersonates Michael Jackson), and a contest called " Paino Time"(giving one fan 69 cents for making the best cover of "Another One") off his mini album “ Another One,” out August 7.

It's all well worth the wait.




If you are not familiar with Mac DeMarco, you can watch his Macumentary/Documentary via Pitchfork.



Mac DeMarco plays at  Pitchfork Music Festival Friday at 5:30 on the Red Stage.



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