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There's a bowling alley underneath Regano's Roman Coin?

Yep, there is.  Though it hasn't seen a bowling ball in decades.'s Bobby Tanzilo ventured into the basement of Regano's Roman Coin, a longstanding Brady Street family-owned tavern, for this week's edition of Urban Spelunking.

The bowling alley is closed to the public today, but in its heyday, it was a destination for thirsty, blue collar Brady Street partons.

The alley consists of two lanes, with a carved ball return running between them, and benches at the end of the lane where pinsetters waited to reset between frames.  Bowlers entered the basement lanes through a discreet hatch in the floorboards of the bar, just inside the main entrance.

Designed by Otto Strack, the same architect who designed the Pabst Theater, the tavern opened its doors 1890.  It was originally a Pabst "tied-house," that is a bar owned by a brewery and exclusively offering its products.  Since then, it as always operated as a bar, never another kind of business.

Click the podcast above the photos to hear our conversation with Bobby Tanzilo, and be sure to follow this link to read his story in its entirety.

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