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Happy Birthday Dad! (Boys of Summer)

Today is my dad's birthday. As dads go, he's an all-star. In fact, he came up to Milwaukee today -- on his birthday, no less -- to help repair a fence in our backyard. That's pretty cool. He was a teacher and baseball coach before retiring and instilled in me, among many things, a deep, abiding love of baseball. We're gonna grill him some steak tonight. Today is also Don Henley's birthday. So how am I going to tie all that together? I'm going to play "Boys of Summer," a song about aging but with a vague hint of baseball in the title. Happy Birthday Russ! (dad).

Don Henley "The Boys of Summer." A great, classic video.


We get the cover from Bree Sharp. You may recall her from her hit "David Duchovny."

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