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"We're sorry, Portland" (Middle Brother covers The Replacements)

Maegan Eli of Riverwest suggested the Replacements song "Portland" and the cover by Middle Brother, a supergroup, consisting of members of Deer Tick, Dawes and Delta Spirit. 

Among Replacements fans, the "Portland show" by which this song is kind of inspired, is somewhat legendary. The band got a little too toasty, playing with Young Fresh Fellows and were unable to complete their show, wearing cotsumes purloined from the dressing room of the theatre where they were performing. The band felt bad about it and inscribed "We're sorry, Portland" on the runout groove of the original "Don't Tell A Soul" LP. And the song was one of the few that survived an aborted attempt to follow up "Pleased To Meet Me". 'Mats fans will notice the line, "It's too late to turn back, here we go" as one later used in "Talent Show". If you want a more detailed description of the Portland show, go to Aquairium Drunkard for more.



Here's Middle Brother's cover:


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