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A Wiki Guide: New Age Narcissism

Summer in Milwaukee is full of live performances, festivals and special events. Everyone seems to crawl out of their shells. It’s street festivals, beer, Summerfest and beer. For me, big festivals are just  too big. I want to be up close and personal at an intimate show. I want to feel the spit from the artists’ lips and look them in the eyes when they tell me their stories. There’s something amazing about that moment. That connection. That inspiration.

That happened this summer. 

I got mesmerized by NAN (New Age Narcissism) in a small venue called the Cocoon Room. The Narcissists are the exact opposite of what their name might indicate -- selfishness. In fact, they are dead set on inclusiveness. By becoming a positive influence for others. 

And that creates a euphoric atmosphere. Even on the tiny stage at the Cocoon Room, the space bubbled with contagious love. 

The PA system sat on the ground and spat out the sound of the creatives. Once the music started, everyone in that room huddled together like family. The line between artist and fans blurred. The room was near capacity, so sticky and sweaty it was almost unbearable. Yet it inspired me, drew me in. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the show. 

I had heard NAN’s music before on SoundCloud and various social media sites but had never seen them perform. Their live show did so much more than any recorded music could. Lorde Fredd33 headlined the show and the energy was something I haven’t felt before. The current was electric and transferred into every person. And for me that was just the beginning. Every time I’ve seen them since, NAN has moved closer to perfection. Every carefully crafted persona drew me in, made me want to create, live and groove with every beat. 

I could try to describe each show individually, saying NAN creates a contagious energy and has an undying passion for music. But none of that does their shows justice. A NAN show is something to experience for yourself. 

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