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Weekly Download | Fine Print, "About You"

This week's download comes an East London duo by the name of Fine Print. You have 7 days to grab their new song "About You."

Fine Print’s first single “About You” combines just the right amounts of danceability and melancholy, enchanting music made for club-goers liable to lose themselves in thought as the night goes on. “About You” is the first piece of music the duo ever finished, a mission statement for their goal of blending underground electronic music with old school pop format (and a bit of jazz as well—few underground electronic songs or old school pop hits have saxophone solos to push them over the edge). Fine Print’s ambitions and influences feel seamlessly stitched together in the group’s own design, making for an enjoyable whole that never buckles under conceptual weight. Fine Print’s self-titled debut EP arrives on August 28th.

Download Fine Print's "About You" (right click and save as)


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