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Maggie's Farm: Bob Dylan/Rage Against The Machine

There are countless interpretations of Bob Dylan's song Maggie's Farm, and even more covers of it. Some saw it as Dylan rejecting the folk scene that spurned him after 'going electric' at The Newport Folk Festival, others read it many different ways. The list of covers of the song is long and varied, everyone from U2, Grateful Dead & The Residents to Richie Havens and Solomon Burke. 88Nine listener Rob suggested Rage Against The Machine's version, which appropriated the lyric change Dylan made in live versions, "She's 68 but says she's 54" was the original but he changed it to "She's 68 but says she's 24" in the version Dylan did at Newport and the line Rage uses. 

Here's Zimmy's version:

Here's Rage Against The Machine's version: is where to reach me for your suggestions!