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Weekly Download | Hermitude, "The Buzz"

This week's downoad comes from Australian duo Hermitude.  You have 7 days to grab their track "The Buzz."

Hermitude approach music with a trailblazing mindset. Since their first indie release Alleys toValleys (2003), the pair have become genre trendsetters. 2012’s HyperParadise went platinum inAustralia, and the group received the Australian Music Prize—which identities and rewards the “Most Outstanding Creative Australian Album of the Year”— With countless sold out shows under their belts, 2015 sees them make a veritable splash stateside at festivals.  

Fusing hip-hop beats, free-flowing jazz melodies, and swooning synths, they hone a singular style. Luke goes on, “It’s ever-evolving. The feeling is like playing jazz melodies on a massive synth at a rave. However, it goes deeper ” On Dark Night Sweet Light, Hermitude strike a middle ground between the post-Dilla “Future Beats” movement of Flying Lotus and turn-of-the-century British electronica. The boys found distinct inspiration for the new music in Los Angeles, immersing themselves in its underground. Ultimately, Hermitude’s blaze trails to a duality that engages on a deeper level. 

Download Hermitude's "The Buzz" (right click and save as)


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