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Gary Richrath, R.I.P. (REO Speedwagon)

To a certain age group, REO Speedwagon were an absolutely HUGE rock band. If you were of music-listening age in 1980, you likely had a copy of Hi Infidelity, or two, or you taped it off your friend. Hi Infidelity was RIAA-Certified 'Diamond', or 10 Million copies sold. With the songwriting tandem of Kevin Cronin and Gary Richrath, the owned the late 70's and 80's. REO continued to play Summerfest almost annually.

Gary Richrath passed away on Sunday at age 65 and Twitter, Facebook and other social media spread the news. While Gary had left REO in 1989, many still associated him with his tenure in REO.

One of the all-time 'Bic lighter' ballads from that era, I'll play "Keep On Loving You"

And cover addict Evan Dando covered a metric ton of songs in the Lemonheads, among them, "Keep On Loving You". So varied was Evan's covers repitoire, that I got you covered when Charles Manson dies, also any of NKOTB. This computer won't let me link you to the cover, but Google it or go to You Tube. is where to send your suggestions.